Makers For Change is a non-profit organization based in Strasbourg. Through the organization of playful, creative, educational and innovative projects, we work for the inclusion of refugees and facilitate the creation of links between people from all walks of life.

Our ambition is to enable all newcomers to acquire new skills and develop a concrete experience by participating in the creation of projects that make sense.

Our belief is that cultural diversity is the prerequisite for innovation.

Our know-how is citizen participation and the enrichment of all by a collaborative and experimental construction of social and solidarity projects.

Our partners are the actors of the creative (artistic, cultural and digital) sectors, entrepreneurs of change, academic actors and social actors, institutions, civil society, communities, businesses, Social and Solidarity; in short, all those who, on the same territory, are now preparing a more positive tomorrow!

We encourage the exchange of ideas and the dialogue of cultures, meetings through collective activities and the valorization of the know-how of all our participants.

Our field of experimental action is the Eurométropole of Strasbourg, the European capital. Our actions are initiated and developed on this territory and then spun off and duplicated on others. To do this, our experiences are capitalized in order to develop skills that are then passed on to all those interested, caring and sharing our values. These people take inspiration from these actions, adapt them and implement them, thus reproducing this model of mutual sharing.

We are constantly working to build a more inclusive Europe in which newcomers as natives can build projects together, learn from their cultural complementarities and, why not, become the changemakers of tomorrow!