Makers For Change needs you! At several the impact is always greater.

You want to move the lines, you think that the difference between our cultures is a force, and you share our values of solidarity, and mutual aid? You can help us and become an actor of change on your territory!


How to contribute?

You have a minute …

  • You can share information about social networks and help improve our visibility and find new members and partners: visit our Facebook Page.
  • If our values speak to you, you can join the association: the more members we have, the more we will be able to make a difference with decision-makers and public authorities.
  • You can also support our actions with a tax-exempt donation: whatever the amount, it’s a great help! Your donation will allow us to fund our monthly and regular events, such as the Local Positive Initiatives Tour and intercultural cafés. They also make it possible to better accompany our participants by financing some of our operating costs (telephone, internet …) without which the association can not live!

To support us, please visitour HelloAsso page.

You have one hour …

Come and meet us by participating in one of our meetings or at one of our events eand thus understand more concretely our actions. To see our next appointments, please visit our Facebook page or the agenda.

You have a day, or more …

We all have a super power that we can leverage to the benefit ofcollective interest. If this project makes sense to you, join our team to live this fulfilling and fun adventure!In particular, we are looking for support and skills in field of event planning, communication (digital, street marketing, etc.), creation and animation of workshops, fundraising and partnerships management. To go further: a small form.