Makers For Change

is a general-interest non-profit organization created in 2015 and based in Strasbourg. Through the organization of playful, creative, educational and innovative projects, we aim to increase the inclusion of refugees. We facilitate the creation of links between people from different origins and background by ‘doing things’ together.

Our missions

Our missions: To foster the creations of links between various communities, to enable everyone to experiment and create positive citizen initiatives, and to limit discriminations

The goals of our projects:

To encourage inclusion of people coming from migration
To facilitate the creation of links between communities and the public that don’t have the habit of meeting each other
To support our participants over the development of positive projects over the territories
To promote diversity as an asset for the whole society



By carrying on insertion programs built together with the solidarity actors and local changemakers present on the territories


By organizing Visits of positive initiatives developed over territories by the participants of our programs

Sustainable development

By training and supporting our participants’ ideas and initiatives in order to develop their own social, societal or environmental impact projects

Our vision: “Together we create the positive changes of tomorrow”


By creating projects based on cultural diversity andintercommunal exchanges we want to break stereotypes and fight against discrimination.

Collaborative work

MFC is committed to working in a spirit of collaboration and openness, fostered by sharing and collective creation.


Our guidelines: Solidarity and diversity; sharing and daring in a transparent way.